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A blog? Really?
Posted:Aug 15, 2016 6:59 am
Last Updated:Aug 15, 2016 7:27 am
so I was asked if my writings were true or a work of fiction...

I'll never say...

If you see yourself in my writings then perhaps they are true?

I have no rhyme or reason or theme to my entries...

I just write what I write...

Sometimes from the heart...but mostly from my mind... as crazy as it is...

so don't read anything more into what I say...

because perhaps it is fiction?

I welcome any and all comments... but please comment with love... even if you disagree there's no need to be uncivilized.

so enjoy the ride into my heart and mind... and sometimes even I

Never Thought of That.
Delay in Comment Responses
Posted:Jun 2, 2017 7:33 pm
Last Updated:Jun 18, 2018 6:26 am

When I was born, my mom told me I was special...

I always thought it was a good thing until I came here...

A blog compadre mentioned to me that my blog responses/ comments took forever to post...

At first, I thought he was koo-koo... I mean everyone's response posted in a timely manner, so I chalked it up to a one-time deal... you know... glitch city here.

Then another compadre mentioned the same thing to me so I started to investigate...

Lo and behold they were both right... my responses/comments were taking upwards of three hours to post.

Why me? Because I'm special? I mean, everyone else's comments post pretty much immediately.

Well, I decided to contact India Customer Service and you guessed it, didn't have an answer.

So my next step was to post my issue on the support blog... and this was their response... Mind you... I didn't expect a real answer but just wanted to share and apologize in advance for the delay in my responses...
SiteSupport > Site Problems, Bug reports, Customer Feedback and Suggestions – May 2017 (4/30/2017 6:44 pm)

Quoting papis_baby_girl:
is there a reason why my replies to blog posts are delayed?

There are two posters that have told me that they never see my responses until much later than when I've posted...

I just responded to someone's post and I see it when I'm signed on. I created another profile and signed on as that profile, accessed that blog post and I don't see my post.

what is going on here?

Dear papis_baby_girl

Thank you for taking the time to post to our blog. All user-created content that is posted on TS Affair must first be reviewed and approved by our compliance team. Sometimes, during peak hours, this process can take a while. It should never take longer than a day though, so please let us know if your content is not posted in 24 hours.

Warm Regards,
So yeah... looks like everything I post, whether benign or controversial is delayed due to approval from compliance team...

and I mean everything... guess I'm on the 'special' list.
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Dear Site Support,
Posted:Jun 17, 2018 3:51 pm
Last Updated:Jun 20, 2018 12:59 pm

Please stop 'flagging' my responses. Trust me I'm no threat to anyone on the site or to the site.

Every single time, and I do mean
I make a comment it takes very many hours to get 'reviewed' and approved. I don't think I say anything so threatening on my comments that each and every one needs to be reviewed and approved, but it does.

I understand that comments can take up to 24 hours to be approved. But come on now, nothing I'm saying is that criminal that you need to invoke the 24-hour rule.

Take me off the 'all her stuff needs to be approved' list. Please.

If you do, I promise to include a nude photo of myself in all of my responses since those comments/ posts go to the front of the line. (I won't but just thought I'd throw that out there)
So, you're getting married....
Posted:Jun 2, 2018 8:25 pm
Last Updated:Jun 18, 2018 6:27 am


caught me off guard...

but don't get it twisted...

I am beyond done with you...

but gotta be a bit honest here...

took me by surprise that you're getting married...


well I'm human so it does kinda sting....

and I wonder...

all the things you said to me, the love you declared to me, the promises, the "I will always love you'...

did you say those things to her?

obviously, you did because she said yes.

well... all the best to you...

I know that we could never be... and I am ok with that... and with sincerity I say all the best and congrats.

I loved you enough to let you go and find someone who better suits you... was that easy? hell no... but I did and I think we're both better off.

Be well, be happy, and above all, treat her better than you treated me.

How do you treat a hookup versus a relationship?
Posted:May 12, 2018 7:30 pm
Last Updated:Jun 18, 2018 6:25 am

So... I've been thinking a lot about this subject. I personally feel that a relationship is, of course, much more special than a random A*F*F hookup and thus certain "rules" should apply.

Look...if you're going to put up with me and want to spend time with me and adore me and want to be exclusive with me then I'm going to reward you.

If all you're interested in is to just sex me one time then there are going to be certain things that are off limits.

Only fair...gotta "reward" those who put forth the effort and who are actually going to take the time with me.

So my 'rules' for hookups are this... if I find you attractive enough to sex you, then that's it... just sex... no frills... no anal… possible bj but definitely no swallowing. Nothing 'kinky'. No cuddling, no three-some or any some, No pictures, no video. I probably will kick you out sooner than you expect. Look we both know what a hookup is good for and quite frankly, you're gonna get the bare minimum.

Sorry for my frankness...

Now if you want to take the time to get to know me and spend time with me and be exclusive, then all bets are off... be prepared for a wild ride. No limits baby. Anal all day and night, blow jobs galore with extra swallowing, anything baby... (within reason and if I'm down with it). We will never leave the bedroom until you call mercy.

Now you may think "oh yeah... I'll trick her... I'll get her to do all and then dump her"...
but you must think I'm a fool. Yeah... my vetting process is so refined, I can sniff bullshit like 10 miles away...so no, you won't get one over on me, don't even try.

What about you? anything off limits for a random hookup? Do you 'reward' those who you are in a serious relationship with? or do you go full throttle with anyone who wants to sleep with you?
Posted:Apr 27, 2018 4:43 pm
Last Updated:May 8, 2018 2:54 pm

Gosh...tired of battling the site for the past few days...

so like my 'dream' blog friend xHamburgDave I'm dippin'...

So should you if you're about to pull every last hair on your head....
Porn Burnout?
Posted:Apr 27, 2018 3:26 pm
Last Updated:Jun 18, 2018 6:27 am

Do you suffer from porn burnout?

I'm kinda there...

I see porn and I'm meh about it.

It seems like my mind wanders when I'm watching it...

perhaps I've seen it all and it's not that exciting anymore?

Granted I still get off, but I find it takes longer for me...

I'm turning into a man when I watch porn...you know... don't need the 'chick' flowery storyline like I used to...just want to see the down and dirty fucking...5 minutes max...but then meh... seen it all...

So I ask you...

Does porn still do it for you?
or are you burnt out like me?

Does it take you longer to get off?
Have you seen it all?
Still excited about viewing porn?
or would rather just close your eyes and fantasize?

I just find porn 'boring' nowadays... back in the day, just the name Jenna would light my loins on fire and couldn't wait to see her in action...

but now... not sure that I care...

Am I pre-menopausal perhaps? or just evolved and grown?

Please vote, but additionally would you please comment as to where you are when it comes to porn...

I appreciate it...

So my question...

Are you on porn burnout?
Totally... I've been watching way too long and seen it all and who cares?
Nope...still love it and could cum within 2 minutes of watching hot sex
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Posted:Apr 23, 2018 3:50 pm
Last Updated:May 14, 2018 12:20 pm

*** apologies for double posting but anything in A/L takes forever to get approved and I need validation and comments NOW!****

everyone on here has such high expectations...

profile has to be complete and honest...
can't be married...
chatting before fucking...
coffee or dinner before fucking...
not fucking instantly upon the 'let's fuck' email...
no swallowing unless she 'knows' him...
safe sex...
snuggling afterward...
possible second time hooking up...
possible many times hooking up...
potential 'relationship' (ugh...horrible word)...

Come on now!
this is a sex, hook-up, anonymous, one time only, fuck in your car website...
time to lower your expectations...

if you want respect, visit match, or e-harm, or even better mingle.
3-D Cock
Posted:Apr 23, 2018 3:43 pm
Last Updated:May 14, 2018 12:20 pm

***apologies for double posting... I originally posted in Advice Line section in error - actually I posted there after 4 beers and didn't know where the heck I was***

this site has an abundance of cock pictures...
almost as frequently as you breathe, you see cock.
I know they all kinda meld all together... (for those who feel that meld is way too big a word to use on a sex site and decipher... meld means blend together)
but but but...
ever see a cock pic that looks 3 Dimensional?
I mean seriously... it looks like it will poke you in the eye...
I wonder how they do that...
is it angle? Photoshop?
there's a local guy whose cock is almost like those Magic Eye pictures... I see it and it almost hypnotizes me... and it looks 3D...
Although it's not enough for me to want to meet him and his Magic Eye cock but I tend to use his picture to meditate. So relaxing.
God, I love cock...and nothing better than 3D cock.
What the F?
Posted:Apr 21, 2018 5:56 pm
Last Updated:May 14, 2018 12:20 pm


I don't propose to be Gates or Bezos or even that rich shrimp Zuckerberg...

my knowledge of anything website can fit in a mini-me thimble (awww RIP Vern)

but I will never understand how on earth this website...heck any website...

is perfectly fine one day, one hour, one minute, and then the next...

boom... total destruction... total failure... total collapse...

sure... rumor has it was an 'upgrade issue'...

but but but...

when I headed my own department and need to create/launch either a website or perhaps contribute to an existing site, my department would test test test until we couldn't test anymore until everything was perfect...

does that not exist anymore?
we just now throw caution to the wind and hope for the best?

come on now... I would think that there are enough paying members to elicit some sort of protocol to make sure things run smoothly...

but alas... just one non-savvy site user here...who knows nothing how these things work...

maybe those internet 'gremlins' really do exist??
Meghan the Duchess of Sussex
Posted:Apr 18, 2018 1:23 pm
Last Updated:May 14, 2018 12:21 pm

*** with much respect to our Britsh brothers and sisters and much respect to those who love/follow the Royal family***

Being American, I don't really fawn over any of the Royals. I mean I liked Diana but being a Royal Watcher or Fan isn't necessarily me.

Now with an American integrating into the Royals (and a woman of color no less-you go girl!), it seems like everyone is all about the Royals and all about Meghan and Harry.

What about you? Are you now a Royal fan? Are you following closely all things Harry and Meghan? Is it a big deal? or do you not really care? Are you on the next plane to the UK to fanboy/fangirl the Royals?

I respect the institution and their place in UK history and what they contribute today. However, I just really don't care that much about what's going on.

Perhaps it's too much info? Back in Charles and Diana day, it was groundbreaking for many reasons and of course, we all lived vicariously about the fantasy of us ladies finding our Prince... (although now we know the real story and well that's another conversation).

but now...eh... if I don't read another story about her dress, what kind of cake they are having, what they are serving, where is honeymoon, well, I'm good with that...

heck... she's not even going to be a Princess... now that's a waste...lolol
TS Affair Math
Posted:Apr 15, 2018 10:34 am
Last Updated:Jun 7, 2018 7:55 pm

If the difference between my age and your age is greater than your age, sorry...ain't gonna happen...

or for those mathematicians...

MA-YA= > YA= No way Jose, or lovestoeatpussy, or lovehugeknockers, or Icanfuckallnight...

oh... and you gotta be at least able to buy me a beer and I do card.
No I don't want no massage....
Posted:Apr 13, 2018 11:42 am
Last Updated:May 26, 2018 12:57 pm

(I do speak proper English, but took liberties with the title, so please don't edumacate me on proper English usage)

If I get another email/ IM from a man wanting to give me a 'free massage', I'll about scream.

No thank you...

why you ask?

1.) well I have a personal masseuse and I don't need a massage from you.
2.) a massage is just too intimate for a one night stand (not that I'm wanting a ONS, but I know that's probably what will happen)
3.) I may want your cock in me, but I probably don't want your hands all over me.
4.) Do you really know what you are doing?

I know I know... it's not a 'real' massage... but just something you want to do to get my 'fire' stoked... something to try and relax me and get my guard down.

but trust me... if I contact you or respond to you, I don't need my fire stoked...

just get to it so I can throw you out.

Just save that 'come-on' for some gullible person who thinks that yeah they are getting a real massage.

I know better.

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